Bardahl Common Rail Diesel Injector Cleaner

Bardahl Common Rail Diesel Injector Cleaner Improves the performance of your vehicle and increases MPG. To purchase put in your cart now Commercial customers wishing to purchase by the case should e-mail Bardahl Common Rail Diesel Injector Cleaner is a concentrated formula which has been especially formulated to solve problems such as; lumpy stationary running of the engine, problems at a cold start, high fuel consumption and exhaust smoke, which causes the blocking of the fuel system of both old and new diesel engines. (HDI - CDI - TDI - TDCI - DCI -, ETC..... )

Bardahl Common Rail Diesel Injector Cleaner contains a special formulation which cleans the injectors and maintains them without dismantling them. This product is special for professional workshop use. One treatment will ensure the following improvements:

  • Cleaning and protection of the complete injection system (injectors, flaps, pump, piping etc.....)
  • Raise the Cetane number of diesel and increases the acceleration.
  • Prevents mal function of the injectors and of the pump by removing water from the fuel.
  • Reduces the fuel consumption thanks to the anti-wear properties.
  • Reduce the noise of the engine thanks to the lubricating properties.
  • Reduces the exhaust smoke and simplifies the adjustment of the engine in accordance with emission-demands.

Bardahl Concentrated Fuel Injector Cleaner

A concentrated product for fast and effective cleaning of fuel injection systems. This product helps ensure that engines will achieve the maximum performance with minimum emissions.Bardahl Fuel Injector Cleaner Fuel systems accumulate deposits, which is why it is necessary that fuel system should be cleaned. Benefits:

  • Cleans and protects the whole fuel injection system
  • Restores fuel consumption
  • Avoids injector and pump clogging
  • Reduces noise and wear thanks to its lubricating properties
  • Eliminates black exhaust smoke and helps pass the MOT
  • Eliminates rough idle speed and problems of acceleration.

Bardahl Concentrated Fuel Injector Cleaner System contains a mixture of detergents that clean the fuel system. It cleans fuel piping, pump, injectors, flaps and the combustion chamber, resulting in a reduction of fuel consumption and improvement in performance and cold starting. Exhaust emissions (HC, CO and Nox) are also reduced. Extensive tests with several types of cars have shown that Bardahl Concentrated fuel Injector Cleaner System restores injector spray pattern and removes deposits from intake valves and. This product is miscible with all types of petrol and is harmless to the catalyst. This product is used and recommended by many manufacturers.

Bardahl Radiator Stop Leak

BARDAHL RADIATOR STOP LEAK stops and prevents leaks in the cooling system. It protects all ferrous and non ferrous metals (iron, copper, aluminium) against corrosion. It is suitable for all types of engines (diesel, petrol and GPL - 2 and 4 strokes) and all types of radiators (aluminium, plastic). It is miscible with all types of antifreeze and coolant (type C, type D and universal).


BARDAHL RADIATOR STOP LEAK is based on innovative and safe chemical compounds.

  • It stops and prevents cracks in the engine block, cylinder head, joints and all other leaks in the cooling system (radiator, water pump,…).
  • Does not cover but penetrates cracks enabling circulation of the engine coolant.
  • Resistant to high temperatures, pressures, modern car vibrations (high pressure direct injection).

Does not damage joints (including rubber ones) and aluminium cylinder heads.


  • Turn the heating system on to full.
  • Shake can thoroughly and add contents to cooling system.
  • Top up with coolant if required.
  • Run the engine for 10 minutes allowing the product to harden and seal the leaks, and then turn off the engine.

BMW 0W-40
11.00   10.00

BMW SAE 0W-40, ACEA A3/B4/C3, 1 ltr

BP 0W-40
11.00   10.00

BMW SAE 0W-40, ACEA A3/B4/C3, 1 ltr

Carburetor cleaner bardahl

Note: We can only deliver Aerosol's to a UK Mainland Address, due to them being classed as dangerous goods.

BARDAHL CARBURETTOR CLEANER has been specially designed to resolve carburettor, intake system and injection system problems such as irregular idling, irregular acceleration, difficultly starting, increased fuel consumption and excess exhaust emissions, without the need to dismantle any parts. Does not contain lead nor sulphur.


  • Dissolves and eliminates all types of deposit build-up including varnish and gum
  • Restores acceleration
  • Corrects irregular idling problems
  • Restores power and responsiveness
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Reduces black smoke and exhaust emissions
  • Does not damage the carburettor or intake parts
  • Can clean both inside and outside of the carburettor perfectly.


External cleaning: Turn off the engine, spray product on the outside part of the carburettor, let the product act for two minutes, then dry with compressed air before starting the engine.

Internal cleaning: Remove the air filter, start the engine, spray product through air inlet valve onto carburettor parts (throttle valves, nozzles, flow meter plates, air inlet valve, …) until all deposits are eliminated. Increase revs at the same time to prevent ‘stalling’. Not suitable for cleaning electrical components.

EVO SUPER sae 15w-40 & sae 20w-50

Super-advanced technology multigrade oil suitable for gasoline, diesel and LPG.

API SJ / CF / CF-4,ACEA B3 ACEA A3/ E2, MB 229.1 / 228.1, VW 501.01/505.00, VOLVO VDS, MAN 271, ALLISON C4


HERCULES 4 SAE 15W-40 & SAE 20W-50 20L

New, premium strength, ultra-high performance SHPD multigrade oil for diesel engines operating in severe conditions cross references

API CI-4/CH-4/CG-4/CF, API SL/SJ, ACEA E7, MB 228.3, MAN M3275, MACK EO-M Plus, CUMMINS CES 20076/2007, VOLVO VDS-3, MTU Level 2, Caterpillar ECF-1a


Synthetic engine oil, meeting many OEM specifications and therefore suitable for many different types of engines.


Recommended for heavy duty diesel commercial engines. Can also be used in gasoline, LPG and light loaded diesel engines, turbocharged or not and/or equipped with a catalytic converter and/or common rail system.


  • API: SL/CI-4 plus/ CI-4/CH-4/CG-4/CF-4/CF
  • ACEA: A3/B4 en E7 (08)
  • Global DHD-1, DLD-1 en DLD-3
  • Volkswagen 500.00/505.00
  • MB: 228.3 ,228.1, 229.1
  • Volvo: VDS-2/VDS-3 - MAN: 3275 en 271
  • Iveco Long DrainJaso DH-1
  • MTU Type 2- Allison: C-4
  • DDC Oil Category 2
  • Cummins 20071/2/6/7/8
  • Renault RD, RLD, RLD-2
  • ZF TE-ML 02C/03A/04B/04C/07C
  • Mack: EO/M PLUS -Cat ECF-1/ECF-2
  • Deutz DQC III-05 - Skoda-Liaz 258-3


  • Contains additives that prevent the formation of deposits and allow the engine to be extremely clean.
  • Excellent stability at high and low temperature, protecting the engine at cold start.
  • Good resistance to wear, even in difficult working conditions.
  • Extended drain intervals.
  • Reduced oil evaporation and there fore reduced consumption.


High quality fully synthetic engine oil, especially developed to provide long lasting protection to modern engines and maintain the efficiency of the emission reduction systems (DPF, EGR etc).


For all types of lastest generation engines: gasoline, diesel and LPG, turbocharged or not. Especially suitable for vehicles equipped with a diesel particulate filter (DPF) and/or performant selective catalytic reduction system (SCR).


  • ACEA C3, A3/B4-04
  • MB 229.51
  • BMW LL-04


LOW ASH, PHOSPHOR AND SULFUR CONTENTS, extending the lifetime of the emission control system while retaining efficiency. Excellent FLUIDITY and therefore, easier cold starting. REDUCES FRICTION and therefore enables fuel economy, allowing better performance while providing a reduction in CO2 emissions. CLEANLINESS: maintains the engine clean and therefore extends its lifetime. QUALITY: offers high quality for optimal and stable services and allows extended oil drain cycles.


Fully synthetic engine oil for cars and vans subject to very severe driving conditions in all seasons, particularly colder climates.


For any lastest generation (and also multivalve) engine: gasoline, diesel or LPG, turbo-charged or not. Particularly recommended for all engines requiring the specifications below.


  • ACEA A3/B3/B4
  • VW 502.00 / 505.00
  • MB 229.3 & BMW LL


  • Excellent fluidity at low temperature, even at -30°C.
  • Excellent high temperature resistance and high shearing properties.
  • Low volatility and therefore reduced oil consumption.
  • Maximum protection against wear, oxidation, varnish and rust formation.
  • Maintains the internal engine clean.
  • Compatible with catalytic converters.
  • Fuel economy through relatively low lubricating oil viscosity, mostly during short trip travels in difficult climate conditions.

XTG 85W140 GL5

Designed for manual transmissions and differentials. Premium quality gear oils for all types of cars. Suitable for demanding heavy duty equipment and machinery.


API GL5 MIL-L-2105C / D ZF TE-ML 05A, 07A, 12E, 16C, 16D, 17C, 19B MAN 342 M-1, 342m-2