Bardahl Concentrated Fuel Injector Cleaner



A concentrated product for fast and effective cleaning of fuel injection systems. This product helps ensure that engines will achieve the maximum performance with minimum emissions.Bardahl Fuel Injector Cleaner Fuel systems accumulate deposits, which is why it is necessary that fuel system should be cleaned. Benefits:

  • Cleans and protects the whole fuel injection system
  • Restores fuel consumption
  • Avoids injector and pump clogging
  • Reduces noise and wear thanks to its lubricating properties
  • Eliminates black exhaust smoke and helps pass the MOT
  • Eliminates rough idle speed and problems of acceleration.

Bardahl Concentrated Fuel Injector Cleaner System contains a mixture of detergents that clean the fuel system. It cleans fuel piping, pump, injectors, flaps and the combustion chamber, resulting in a reduction of fuel consumption and improvement in performance and cold starting. Exhaust emissions (HC, CO and Nox) are also reduced. Extensive tests with several types of cars have shown that Bardahl Concentrated fuel Injector Cleaner System restores injector spray pattern and removes deposits from intake valves and. This product is miscible with all types of petrol and is harmless to the catalyst. This product is used and recommended by many manufacturers.

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